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Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Terminals: Plug-In/Surface Mount/Wire Jumper!!!

 FUTURA Case (96x96x110mm) offers technically superior and attractive packaging to Instruments. Snap-together parts design, three innovative Terminal-to-board connection options, and high esthetical erosion-structure surface with ventilation are its distinctive features. Case manufactured in accordance with DIN 43 700 has a large variety of applications in panel flush mounting analog and digital instruments especially suitable for measuring and control technology. 

Main Features: * Snap-together design * Accommodate 4 PCBs * Snap-On latches for display PCB * 16 Terminals * Three Terminal-To-board Connection Options * Plug-In Version-leaf spring contact offers quick connection, fast replacement reduces down time * Surface Mount Version-eliminates wiring, cost effective for higher volume * Wire Jumper Version-can be custom loaded for application configuration & to reduce cost * IP-20 Protection (finger protected) snap fit Terminal Cover * Easy assembly and disassembly for servicing * Ventilation slots for effective heat dissipation * Attractive structured surface * Customized cutouts and holes possible * Panel Mounting with attractive clamps * Choice of material (plastic) & Color ABS - White, Black & Dark Gray, Polycarbonate - Fire Retardant UL 94V-0 at 1mm (Lexan-943) - White

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