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Monday, 27 February 2012

Comparative study between Profile PCB Holders V/S Modular PCB Holders

Many of the customers ask the difference / advantages between the Profile PCB Holders V/S Modular PCB Holders as both are used for same application i.e. to mount PCB on DIN Rail as well as on Panel

  1. Profile PCB Holders has no restriction on length of holders as it can be cut to any length. Modular PCB Holder cannot be used for custom length.
  2. Profile PCB Holder has more strength as the support is in single piece where as modular has many pieces.
  3. Modular PCB Holders are suitable for small production lot. Profile PCB Holders needs cutting so there is some minimum quantity requirement.
  4. Modular PCB Holders inventory is less as the pieces / members are common so can used for many different sizes of PCBs.
  5. Profile PCB Holders needs cutting facility at customer end if supplied in 1mt or 2mt length. Modular needs no cutting.
  6. Profile PCB Holders is in single piece, straight one piece so PCB slides smoothly, Modular PCB holders in longer PCB slides little tight and may induce stress on it.
  7. For Long PCB the Profile PCB Holders are ideal choice.
  8. Height available for components below PCB is more in Profile Holders.
  9. Profile PCB Holders are priced lower then Modular PCB Holders

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  1. In which cases you use those PCB holders?
    At the assembly phase(pick and place)?

    1. The typical applications of Profile ? Modular PCB Holders are Mounting custom PCB and Standard interface modules for Din Connectors, Sub Miniature Din Connectors, Flat Cable Connectors also Modules like Relay modules, Opto - coupler modules, Switch modules, Fuse modules, Diode modules, Veristor Modules, Power supply modules, Over Voltage protection modules, Data Transmission & Receiver Modules, Analog/ Digital Converter etc.

  2. I am impressed by the quality of information on this website. There are a lot of good resources here. I am sure I will visit this place again soon.